Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

RDCRC Pvt. Ltd, through Ramakrishna Welfare Trust is concentrating on its social responsibilities through a number of activities, some of which are

Dental Programmes

Dental treatment, awareness and prevention programmes are being carried out as follows: In the city, at the state-of-the-art dental centre at 27/2H, Bakultala Lane Kolkata 700042 which is the only centre which charges for its services.

For the economically challenged - at various Dental Clinics at:-

Dental clinic at 208/4, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata 29.
MILT Charitable Dental Clinic at 13/2A, P N Mitra Lane, Tollygunge, Kolkata.
Deb Dental Laboratory at Sachindra Pally, Garia, Kolkata
Dental Clinic & Laboratory at Village Rajapur, P.O. Taldi, TAlDl, 24 Pgs (S)
Sitanath Polyclinic at Cinema Road, Canning Town, 24 Pgs (S)
Lakshmi Dental Laboratory at NO.l. Dhigirpar, Canning Town, 24 Pgs (S)
Comprehensive Health Care Centre at Village & Post Rangabelia, via Gosaba, SUQ division Canning 24 Pgs (South) Pin 743370

With a fully equipped Air Conditioned Mobile Dental clinic on a Tata 407 named "Ramakrishna Dental Ambulance" with 2 dental chairs, the following areas are reached where electricity and water availability is a challenge:-

In and around Amoragori Village in Amta Block, Howrah District
In village "Satmukhi" beyond Canning & village Taldi of Canning Block I & 11
In different areas in the city where poor children are being looked after by various NGOs.

School Dental Health Programmes are conducted in Kolkata city schools. Check-ups, awareness programmes, prevention lectures & exhibitions are conducted regularly in schools run by IIMC, Sonarpur, schools in Canning and schools in Gosaba Block & Basanti Block of Sunderbans, and schools in and around Amoragori, Howrah

Other Programmes

Ramakrishna Welfare Trust provides education facilities for the students of the weaker section of society in: Amoragori Village by organising a coaching center for children of classes I to IV "Snehalaya" - a house for destitute children in Salt Lake, run by MILT FOUNDATION "MILT Residential School" - for destitute children in Simultala, Bihar, run by MILT FOUNDATION Computer education at Amoragori Village. Providing scholarships
(full tuition and hostel fees of students of high schools and colleges)

Village Upliftment

The company through the Trust has, on a moral note, adopted a village called "Amoragori" beyond Amta in Howrah District where the following programmes are being conducted regularly more frequently for the last 10 years and less frequently for the last 20 years.

Health programmes

Eye clinic & eye operation camps
Dental clinic & awareness camps
Multi-medical camps & prevention programmes
Mother & child health programmes
Nutrition & hygiene programmes
Agriculture upliftment programmes
Women upliftment programmes
Drinking water facility by sinking tube wells
Formal & informal computer education programmes
Planting trees to maintain ecological balance.

We have miles to go to make this an "ideal village" with programmes in self-employment, road building, character building and building professionals, which have not even been touched till date.

Most of the above programmes in Amoragori are conducted in collaboration with social service organisations like: Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan East, MILT, GOAL, Mysore Association Building Trust, Round Tables No 41 & Ladies Circle No 65, Inner Wheel Club etc & philanthropic individuals like Smt Sudha Narain as well as a lot of doctors from different streams.

An Appeal

Anybody interested in joining us in any one of the above activities in any form may please feel free to contact us. We need your help tremendously!